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Renting Space

Professional Studios

New 42 Studios is the rehearsal home to many of the country’s most respected commercial and non-profit companies. We are a professional rehearsal facility with clean, beautiful, column-free studios where all types of live performance are created. Broadway and Off-Broadway, dance companies, local and regional theaters, choral and opera groups and even orchestras choose our spaces to rehearse their projects into life. We also have a successful history of renting our spaces for readings, work sessions, invited presentations and auditions. New 42 Studios is the preferred choice for the industry’s top choreographers, directors, performers and producers. Artists working in our facility have said that when you work here, you know “you’ve made it.”

Studio 7A

Studio Specifications

New 42 Studios is an accessible facility, conveniently located in the heart of the country’s premier entertainment district, Times Square, on its most iconic block and easily reached by public transport. To schedule an appointment for a site visit, please email

  • Isolated HVAC Systems with MERV 13 filters by floor with 100% outside air ventilation
  • 13.5′ ceilings
  • Column-free sprung floors (Marley Dance Floor available)
  • Studio mirrors and windows with automated shades
14 Rehearsal Studios
Cora Cahan Studio 3A57′ x 39′
Studio 3B 35′ x 39′
Studio 4A55′ x 50′
Studio 4B 35′ x 50′
Studio 4C 15′ x 16′
Studio 6A 55′ x 50′
Floria V. Lasky Studio 6B 35′ x 50′
Jerry Zaks Studio 6C 15′ x 16′
Jerome Robbins Studio 7A 55′ x 50′
Mike Ockrent Studio 7B 35′ x 50′
Dorothy & Lewis B. Cullman Studio 7C 15′ x 16′
Marian S. Heiskell Studio 9A 35′ x 50′
Joan & Joe Cullman Studio 9B 35′ x 50′
Studio 9C8′ x 10′


  • Front desk attendants for security and easy load-ins/outs
  • Sound Rack and Speakers for iPod, Computer and CD Playback
  • Yamaha Acoustic or Hybrid Pianos
  • Dedicated locker room for each company
  • Dedicated refrigerator and microwave on each floor
  • Dedicated copy machine* on each floor (*standard rates of .15/copy or .20/color copy apply)
  • Studios 3AB equipped with enhanced lighting and audio support infrastructure as well as a dedicated 1GB Wired Network Connection. Please contact us for more information.

Building Specifications

  • Building open 9am-7pm (rehearsal hours 10am-6pm) Monday through Saturday
  • 1 passenger elevator
  • 1 freight/passenger elevator (8’6″w x 6’8″d x 9’5″h)